In this episode, I sit down to discuss the first draft of my novel. I’ve written many novels, but this will be the first I finish, intending to publish. Even with previous experience, there are a lot of challenges I faced that I share in this episode.

Every second episode I plan to talk about what I’ve learned or been working on in the previous two weeks. The offsetting episodes will hopefully be with guest authors discussing what they have learned or tools they use in their writing journey.

Here are a few highlights from the episode:

  • Write. Write every day, even if you only write a few words. Always get to the page.
  • Discovery writers should probably do more outlining if they find they need several drafts to finish their novel. This is individual, but newer writers will struggle with character development and plot arcs with little or no planning involved.
  • Get to know your characters-not detailed, but vague generalities. If you know a bit about them, then even as a discovery writer you will make the right choices and learn more about the character as you write them. Vague questions like: Do they run from a fight or fight back? Do they smile a lot, or frown a lot? Do they listen, hear or ignore?
  • Read a lot. Read in different genres and read to study how the writer invoked character, scene and plot. Reading mindfully can be a powerful learning tool.
  • Attend seminars and workshops, not necessarily always to learn from writers, but also to make connections in the community, and build writing relationships. Eventually a writing circle will be very beneficial.
  • Have a social media presence but don’t dwell on it. Make writing your priority. Get those books out.

You can check out the recorded video on YouTube here.

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