Winner of multiple awards, including the Arthur Ellis Award for best novel (Fifth Son, Honour Among Men, Shortlisted for None So Blind), Barbara is a mystery writer from Ottawa Canada who tells incredible stories that you can’t put down. Her Inspector Green and Amanda Doucette series comes to life through a highly researched world and characters that develop richly over the novels. 

Who is behind this great writing and how did she develop these characters to bring her world to life? Barbara and I talk about her former career as a psychologist, her trials to becoming a published author and the tools and strategies she used to create her fiction. We briefly discuss self-publishing and traditional publishing and the episode ends with her reading an excerpt from the beginning of her novel None So Blind.

I recorded this episode two years ago, but it is full of brilliant thoughts, her history hasn’t changed and I’m grateful that she took the time to come onto the show.

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