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A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

George R.R. Martin does a brilliant job in this book bringing Westeros to life from the view of a hedge knight named Dunk and his young squire Egg. While not meant for young kids to read due to several sexually explicit scenes (my opinion), adults will enjoy the tales of Dunk and his journey to do the right thing and maintain his honour even when most of us might have made different decisions.

The book is divided into three novellas, and predates the Game of Thrones collection. I’ve enjoyed all of George Martin’s work in the world of Westeros so I wasn’t surprised to really enjoy this one. I did “read” this book via audiobook (I guess you could say I didn’t read it but listened to it) so keep in mind that the narrator Harry Lloyd may have played a role in how entertaining the story was. I would definitely recommend listening to this story when you’re out walking on your own and want to break up the monotony.

It is not my goal to give away spoilers to the book, only to deliver my overall thoughts. Five out of five stars for me.

You can buy this book locally in Ottawa here or you can purchase it online in Canada here.

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