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Fantasy / Sci-Fi Fiction

Since I first picked up a copy of Terry Books’ “Scions of Shannara” I fell in love with the adventure that fantasy offered. Could there be magic in the world? Could adventure be waiting around the corner? Were we meant for something more?

I devoured book after book and never looked back. A few years after reading Scions, I started writing my own epic story called “The Sword of Leshem,” which I never attempted to publish. I wrote many short stories and novels but none were published. Eventually I lost sight of writing and focused on other things (read below), always missing it but knowing I couldn’t have it all. After a number of life changes I returned to¬† my first love and write stories for the fun of it – and maybe a little profit if it’s meant to be.

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The Outdoors

Obstacle Course Racing

Another love of mine comes in the form of outdoor obstacle course races. I love to run in the trails and the freedom that it gives me. Not to mention I’m fortunate enough to be able to listen to stories while I run and they inspire me to write better and read more.

I race in most distances and have a passion for longer distance, though I’m limited on time so I tend to do what I can. I’d love to be more competitive but I’m a little too old and my prime has passed me by.


Father and Husband

I do the best that I can to be a good father. I’m fortunate to have the support of a great wife and two great kids. The family shares in my passion of obstacle course racing and cheer me on at many of my races. My kids have also collaborated with me on a short story that you can read in the “My Stories” section of this website.

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