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Read, Write, Climb, Repeat

About me

Science Fiction and Fantasy


I wrote my first short story about a police tactical team assaulting a middle school when I was roughly eleven. It took me eight more years to write my first novel. It wasn’t very good. A spinoff of Terry Brook’s Sword of Shannara in which a group of young teens stow away on a ship, leaving their tiny isolated island, in search of a flower with the power to heal their people. The first draft was 160,000 words. I dropped it down to 125,000. It still wasn’t very good.

I went to college for Professional Writing and graduated having learned a ton more about the craft. I’ve attended seminars, workshops and online courses to better my understanding of what makes story so compelling and maybe more importantly, how could I create that connection for people in my stories? I wanted to write stories that people stayed up far too late at night because they -had- to know what happened.

Since my first novel, I’ve written eight more novels. None of which I’ve attempted to publish until the end of 2023, when I decided I was ready to make a go of being a paid author. I’m hoping to release my first of many self-published novels in 2024.

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Rock Climbing

Outside of writing, I clear my head and keep fit by rock climbing and running (it doesn’t hurt that I teach fitness too). I fell in love with climbing when my son Matthew joined the Coyote Rock Climbing gym and made the pre-comp team. He’s already much better of a climber than I am. I love every minute I’m in the gym, and moments with him are extra special.



Life has a way of throwing obstacles at you that you never saw coming. My journey as a parent did not go like I thought it would. Despite all the hard times, Matthew is one of the few people that has kept me up and moving when sometimes I’d rather crawl into a hole. He’s a great kid and I couldn’t be prouder of him. 

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