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End January Update

Is it time for the end of January update already? It feels like yesterday I was finishing the second-last edit on The Genesis Project while dog-sitting Theo.

This publishing thing has me so busy, the days are booming past. More on writing updates below.

Rock climbing has been a bit of a wash. My shoulder injury has made it difficult to climb like I want to, but I’m not a fan of taking time off. It’s the one thing I do outside of writing and working, so I know I have to just back off the difficulty and be more mindful of what I’m doing. I suspect a shoulder impingement, but I don’t know for sure (and likely won’t ever know, as most shoulder injuries require nearly the same remedies, so I rarely take the time to have it checked out). I’ll do at-home physio and see how the next few weeks go.

The dog business is busy. Maybe too busy. I’ve had four dogs for more than half of the month. At some point I hope I make enough from books to back off the dogs and stick to books and teaching fitness. But I’m nearing 50, 5-star reviews on Rover! That’s pretty cool for five months with them.

Writing Status

The act of writing took a hit this month due to the hours of learning I had to do with KDP (Amazon Publishing) and Kickstarter (I’ll post a link to my Kickstarter campaign when it’s live). But now is a good time to join the newsletter if you want to stay up to date! Find the link at

The Genesis Project is nearly there! Although there’s a two week Kickstarter buildup and three weeks on Kickstarter before I send out the books. Which means I can’t publish for a while. If you’re hoping to get an advance copy, you’ll want to do it through the Kickstarter, which gives me the most funds for my book anyway.

Books on the Go

The Genesis Project:
Cover Art: Done and approved! Although I haven’t released it on social yet, it’s coming! I’m waiting for the Kickstarter to be ready to share the design.
Manuscript: The book has been edited and prepared for print. In the next week or two I’ll be purchasing author copies to go through the book for the final Proofread and confirm the design is as it should be.

Armageddon’s Descendants – Book 1: The Collective
Manuscript: The book came back from the editor for revision. I still have to plot book two and three in this series to make it all come together. I did write over 30,000 words of book two, but it’s going to need a lot of work.

Unlocking the Dead:
Manuscript: Dead in the water. You can read this post for what happened there. The short version is that the developmental edit came back and there were too many problems to fix right now.

Knights of Truipis:
Manuscript: The first draft is completed. I’ll go back to this one likely in 2025. I have to finish writing Date of Death, editing and publishing The Collective and probably writing book 2 of that series. The ending will leave readers wanting book two.

Date of Death:
Manuscript: I’ve reached 58,000 words in the first draft of the manuscript. Up only 16,000 words since December. A bit disappointed but I have to prepare Kickstarter and get some books out into the world.

December Dogs!

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