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June Wrap-up & The Genesis Project on sale!


I’m not ready for the summer heat! Lately I’ve been hot all the time, which is bizarre, because I lived for years cold all the time. The heat forced me to install some portable A/C in the house to keep from melting away. That, and if I’m exhausted from not sleeping, I find it nearly impossible to do any decent writing.

My shoulder continues to mend, and it’s taking a very long time. I’m now able to do negatives with pull-ups for a couple of reps, though still can’t pull, and my shoulder pops all the time. Hopefully that will stop at some point as I’m very eager to get back to rock climbing. That’s assuming I can find time to stuff it back into my life.

The year of the dog continues! Pictures below. No wild stories this month with the dogs, outside of a few nights of lost sleep and one dog that screams like a banshee. Seriously, a banshee would cringe.

Writing Status

The Genesis Project is on sale! You can buy it on Amazon for .99 or on Smashwords for .99. You may find other retailers will price match. Summer sale is for the month of July, 2024.

Writing: I didn’t do very much writing in June. In the early parts of the month, I worked on the second novella for Genesis, but quickly became overwhelmed with the deadlines I had and the looming projects. It became a little too much back and forth, so I honed in on editing.

I did put together this quick author Q&A. You can read my post on the hardest part of writing The Genesis Project.

Editing: I managed to finish the final edits for The Collective prior to it going out to Beta readers. I eagerly await their feedback, as I have a short turn-around before the book goes to my copy editor on July 13th. I also finished editing the second short story in the Genesis world and one of the novellas.

Marketing: I haven’t posted as much as I’d like, but I’m doing it far more than I ever have – so improvement shown. Organic reach is minimal on almost all platforms. As you read above, The Genesis Project e-book is on sale for .99 for 14 days.

Books on the Go

The Genesis Project:
Manuscript: The short story collection is doing well. Two short stories are complete and awaiting Beta readers. One novella is complete and awaiting Beta readers. And a second novella is roughly 70% complete. I expect all of these to be complete by end of July as they go to my editor August 13th.
Publication: The Genesis Project is live and on sale everywhere

Armageddon’s Descendants – Book 1: The Collective
Manuscript: Finished the draft and sent the book to beta readers. I added roughly 11,000 words to the story, making it what I feel is a much stronger story.

Knights of Truipis:
Manuscript: The first draft is completed. I’ll go back to this one likely in 2025.

Date of Death:
Manuscript: The first draft is complete at just over 104,000 words! It’s in the cue for 2025.

June Update for Dogs!

June Wrap-up & The Genesis Project On Sale!

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