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Military Thrillers

The Genesis Project

The U.S. military created the Genesis Project to treat Post-Traumatic Stress and return haunted soldiers to the battlefield. It’s a magic bullet until Senator Fredrick is assassinated, Sergeant Wilburg’s wife is strangled, and leadership is sure that more bodies are going to drop. Who will be held accountable for the murders? Are soldiers relapsing, too traumatized from combat for permanent results, unable to decipher reality from fiction?

Sergeant Blake Powell joins the Genesis Project, hoping to fix his broken marriage and live a normal life after years serving as an operator for Delta Force. But the Genesis Project’s potential role in the murders finds him on a high-stakes mission rivaling the intensity of the black ops. Blake will have to operate outside the playbook to discover the truth and achieve mission success.


Armageddon's Descendents

The Collective – Book 1 – Forthcoming 2024

Untitled – Book 2 – Forthcoming 2024

Date of Death

Escaping Death – Book 1 – Forthcoming 2025

Epic Fantasy

Knights of Truipis

Shattered Dreams – Book 1 – Forthcoming 2025