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Running Man by Charlie Engle

Charlie Engle tells a fascinating story moving from addiction to clean and back again. In a number of chapters I felt frustrated for him. I couldn’t believe every time he had another relapse. Yet I would urge you to keep reading until the end

What happens when he finds running is nothing short of spectacular. It makes me want to run an ultra marathon to see who I become on the other end of it. I’ve done a 50km race before, but I didn’t find it challenging enough to push me so far beyond my comfort zone that it changed me. I hope to do a 100 miler some day soon.

I won’t spoil the book for you but if you are trapped in a behavior and need hope, this story will help teach you what the human mind is capable of. From running across the Sahara desert with Ray Sahab and Kevin Lin to running a 100 miles in prison on a track while under the scrutiny of other inmates, Charlie makes you want to go for a run and find out what it’s all about. He found a healthy addiction and ran away with it (excuse the pun).

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