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Here we go again – Writing, Fitness & Life

I wish I wasn’t starting this update by saying, wow – it’s been so long! Like many ambitious people, I intended to write a lot, post a lot and get involved. Then life happened and these posts became semi-annual (okay, so I just checked my last post and it’s been a year – yikes!). Don’t worry, I’ve still been writing.

If you missed my last update, you can check it out here: Writing and Racing Update – Mark PJ Nadon


I just wrapped up another book, celebrating my tenth book with a cup of decaf. My plan is to edit The Genesis Project until it’s as ready for publication as I can make it, have a few more trusted people read / edit it, then try a kickstarter and hope for some funding for professional editing, cover design, etc.

Regardless of what happens with any of these stories, writing them has given me a place to escape to, a vision of the world to share, and characters that I really enjoyed spending so many months with (and some will probably make another appearance).

If you aren’t already following me on social, prepare yourself for some short stories to be published on TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. I hope people enjoy the stories as I read them and learn to be a better writer.

Fitness & Life

I won’t go into much detail on the past couple of years, because I’m not ready to share it publicly. Suffice to say I’ve been through a couple of very dark years, in which I’ve felt lower than I ever have in my life.

I’m slowly getting better and have fallen in love with indoor rock climbing, and left my job to pursue running a small business ( Both my kids are in pre-comp climbing and I’ve made a couple of friends in the gym, so I feel pretty lucky. If you’ve ever been rock climbing, you know what it feels like to be emersed in the “problem” and thinking about nothing else. It’s heavenly. Matthew (my son) and I have also started a YouTube channel for our rock climbing videos. You can check those out here: Nadmen – YouTube

Competing in my age group in obstacle course racing has been put aside, mostly for financial reasons. I hope to get back into it some day.

I’ll keep it short


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