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A Fart Saves the Day

Note: As part of English class with my kids, we collaborated in the story below, sharing ideas and themes until we were happy with the result. The kids were learning how to structure a story under 250 words.

Jason walks down the street and spots a goblin gang climbing up the brick wall of a tavern. One goblin, who wore a nametag that said Atriox carries an axe strapped to his back so large, it should have taken three goblins to carry.

Jason, the towns only eldritch knight, annoyed by the teenage goblins, decides to teach them a lesson by heading to the goblins gardens and eating their beans. Eating goblin beans gives him the power to fart hard enough to blast him into the air like fireworks are strapped to his back.

Without delay, Jason farts himself over to the tavern, landing on the roof next to an angry Atriox. Atriox pulls the giant axe from his back and swings it over his head, trying to cut Jason in half.

Not to be outdone by a goblin, Jason spins around, bends over and farts. The axe reverses direction and smacks Atriox in the face. Atriox falls back and disappears off the roof. Jason’s face is drilled into the roof and his head brakes through the tavern ceiling giving him a view of the inside.

All commotion in the tavern stops and a dozen dwarves stare up at him. Jason pulls his head out and hears the dwarves burst through the tavern door and head for him. The remaining goblins, angered by Atriox’s defeat, pull their scimitars from their sheaths and attack. Thankfully, the angered dwarves arrive moments later and because of their disgust for goblins, they aid Jason in defeating them.